Dessert table

Simple décor $33+/doz
Custom design $40+/doz
Mini cupcakes $15-20/doz

There is a maximum of two flavors per dozen of standard cupcakes.
Maximum of one flavor per dozen of mini cupcakes.

Want some inspiration? Check out some of the cupcakes we have made.

Cake Pops:
Simple décor $22/dozen
Custom design $33+/dozen

6” round (serves 8-10) $22+
8” round (serves 12-15) $35+
10” round (serves 20-25) $45+
12” round (serves 35-40) $60+

8” square (serves 20) $40+
10” square (serves 30) $50+
12” square (serves 40) $65+

¼ sheet (serves 25) $45+
½ sheet (serves 50) $65+

The above prices include moderate decoration.
Edible images, fondant, sculpted fondant and tiered cakes are available.
Please contact us for a quote.


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